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Amos David McKay Making the prettiest film and commercial content in Austin, TX since content was a thing. TWOHEADEDBOY, Two Headed Boy

Established in 2018, Austin based Two Headed Boy is a full-service, fully insured creative production boutique owned and operated by producer, director, editor, and yours truly, Amos David McKay (Google me Amos, call me David, it’s just that simple). 


With 15+ years of agency experience as an art director/creative director and over a decade of commercial, music video, and film directing and editing experience, I have a deep understanding of how all kinds of stories are conceived, sold, stitched together, and sent out into the world.


As much as I’d love (hate) to go on about me, I’m really only as good as the incredible list of talented producers, writers, artists and production collaborators around me, hired on and tailored to fit each project, big or small. Not just here in Austin, but anywhere you happen to be. I have friends in pockets all over the place, high and low.


If you’d like to make some sweet, sweet movie magic together, write a little note or poem in the form below, or give me a ringaling on my cell: 817 456 9395. Otherwise, have yourself a weird and awesome day. Love you -adm

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