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Amos David McKay Making the prettiest film and commercial content in Austin, TX since content was a thing. TWOHEADEDBOY, Two Headed Boy

TWOHEADEDBOY is the full-service creative production studio led by director/producer Amos David McKay. While working as a Creative Director/Art Director for agencies like Slingshot, Martin Agency, and BBDO, McKay immersed himself in filmmaking, producing his own films and music videos on the side, and directing videos for clients. He then joined premier Austin production company Arts+Labor, where he won and directed projects for clients like McDonald’s, Kendra Scott, and Texas Lottery. McKay focuses on making pictures look as pretty as possible, but he’s as likely to film deeply dark and dramatic content as he is a farce about farting farm animals. Keeping it fresh is the key for this side-show attraction. 

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